Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In which my righteous indignation wasn't exactly correct

We all know all about the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. And for the past several weeks I've been advocating against going to any BP-branded gas stations. Seems somewhat logical, right? However, BP itself only owns two percent of the BP stations in the US; the rest are independent. In most cases, boycotting a BP station is only hurting a local business owner who has nothing to do with the disaster.

Some of the stations are countering the loss of customers with lower prices. In the midst of the recession, this brings people. A man patronizing a BP station states in the July 12 issue of Time, "I wish I could afford some outrage. That must be a good feeling." Outrage is good sometimes, but it needs to be properly directed.

It's noble in some ways to take a stand, but we need to know all the facts before we expound about the evils of the world. In this case, I was initially wrong.

They are out there among us, people who don ridiculous outfits to do good in the world. (Note to self: find then watch Kick-Ass.)

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