Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life is a highway

I made it through the week without insulting anybody (that I'm aware of), possibly due in part to the fact that my brain has felt like a pile of zombie goo for the past four days. Maybe it's spring, maybe I'm just tired, or maybe it's the ridiculous amounts of Bun on the Run creme de menthe brownies I've consumed in the last couple of days.

I was dragging so much on Wednesday that I went over to the Tesoro to get an ICEE. There were no men purchasing ICEEs at that moment, but there was a gaggle of four high school girls. I felt uncomfortably feminine standing there amongst them filling my cup in differently flavored layers of iced fluffy goodness. And then I felt extremely twitchy for the next two hours. I think I've been working in a male-free atmosphere for too long.

Tomorrow, Steve and I head south for a nice long weekend of not being in Fairbanks. I burned a couple of music mixes for the ride, much to Steve's dread, I am sure. Hopefully, adventure will ensue.

Lastly, I will quote Homer Simpson, as I like to do when leaving the 'banks: "So long, SuckTown!"

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Steve said...

So cynical. I enjoyed the mixes, did I not? I believe I did.

Still need to do the guest blog, too. You should write: a short-short intro for yourself (I mean, all 2 of my readers know who you are), intro/context for the mix, and then the notes for afterward. Give me a copy of the CD and I will upload the tracks!