Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bits and pieces

Recently, I've been performing a (not-by-choice) experiment on the effects of sleep deprivation. For whatever reason, I have not been sleeping well for the last several weeks.

I blame the lack of sleep on me backing my Jeep into a snowbank while leaving the driveway yesterday morning. I did not back up even remotely straight and ran right into the pile where the plows have been depositing snow. Fortunately, because I have a Jeep, I didn't get stuck. But I still felt pretty stupid.


I heard back from Hershey:

It probably seems unusual to you that companies such as ours, have rules about accepting new product ideas or product suggestions from outside the company. Unfortunately, sometimes we have new products or other ideas in the works that may be similar to what someone outside the company may want us to try. To avoid confusion, we make it a practice to turn down all ideas from outside our company. We hope you understand our position.
My guess is that they do this to prevent lawsuits from people saying that their ideas were stolen. Unfortunately, this prevents them from trying some potentially great ideas, such as mine.


A neighbor had to leave town for several days on short notice, and I for some reason said I would watch her two very poorly trained dogs and five cats. And I don't even think she has running water. And I won't get paid.

Hilarity is sure to follow.

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