Sunday, March 2, 2008

To relieve my boredom, not yours

I am currently at work. It is Sunday. I am working extra to prepare for my flight next Saturday to visit my brother in the desert; this preparation is leading me to work thirteen straight days. Such an endeavor would not be possible without coffee, which has become one of my dearest friends.

The sleep deprivation continues, though I haven't driven the Jeep into any more snow banks. And before you think that my insomnia is coffee related, please note that I stop drinking caffeine about nine hours before I go to sleep.

The interesting thing about being tired is that it makes you aware of how little attention you actually need to pay to the actions that make up your day-to-day life. You look around and realize you've driven five miles without thinking. You say stuff to people that they'll bring up later when you've totally forgotten about it, but it doesn't matter because you never really say anything important anyways.

But it also blurs the lines between dreams and reality. You can't tell if you said something to someone or carried out a task, or if you lucidly imagined the event.

Then again, if I believe it happened, on some level hasn't it actually happened? I know lots of people who re-imagine life's actual events to fit their perspective of how things should be.

But I like reality because it is akin to truth. And, as we've discussed earlier, truth sometimes pays.


Once upon a time, I voted for Ralph Nader. I had my reasons, which I won't discuss here.

Now, Nader is running for President again. Joel Stein examines what Nader needs to do to repair his image from the fallout of his previous attempts. While Stein is not an advocate for Nader, he admits,
But even if he can't do it right, I'm still glad he's running. It's important for people who feel they're not being heard to have the option to vote for insane, incapable candidates. Only new parties can break us out of dangerous paradigms.


Fortunately, some of my sanity was saved this week by not having to undertake the petsitting gig for the two dogs and five cats. However, less hilarity therefore ensued. Which leads to an interesting question: Would you prefer a life of annoyances but with much wackiness, or an easy life of predictability?

If only either could help me sleep, the choice would be easy.

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alison said...

dude - i'm totally with you on the insomnia thing. i'm currently being very sleep deprived and drinking lots of coffee! it sucks.