Monday, February 18, 2008

Sweet intentions

In an attempt to keep the current obesity epidemic rolling by getting more options in the candy aisle, I sent an email to Hershey's today. Yes, my life is very busy and exciting. Here is the text:

ATTN: Product Research and Development
SUBJECT: New product flavor suggestion

I am writing to suggest the development of a new flavor of Whoppers malted milk ball: dark chocolate mint.

I am an Alaska resident, and have extremely enjoyed a similar product from Alaska Wildberry Products, a somewhat large local confectioner. While the combination of mint and malt may not seem intuitively palatable, when actually put together the flavors complement each other nicely.

The combination of dark chocolate and mint seems to be appearing more often in the candy aisles recently (see the introduction of mint Three Musketeers), and I feel that the Whoppers brand could capitalize on this current taste interest.

I have enjoyed the new Whoppers strawberry flavor, and feel that the brand could also benefit from additional differentiation.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day.

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