Thursday, September 2, 2010

My ADD is acti...Squirrel!

The Onion recently published a video skewering Time. The gist of the critique: Time lacks in-depth coverage; its short-form journalism lacks intellectual rigor and is geared for short attention spans.

But I like Time, I thought to myself. Is it true that I, like so many others in my generation, lack the ability to focus on a single topic for more than two minutes? Do I need to immediately track down some Ritalin to save myself?

This train of thought got me thinking about Twitter, that ultimate purveyor of small-burst thought. I briefly considered starting my own Twitter account. I waited several days, making note of things I would post if I had such an account. Four days later, I realized my postings likely would have amounted to two things:
1) Seeing a picture of his newly born grandson (my nephew), my father exclaimed, "Look at the hair on that kid! He looks like a drug addict."
2) Peanut butter pie is a breakfast food, isn't it?
Not exactly world changing, stimulating stuff.

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