Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Late night donut attack

It is 12:23 am. I have just returned from J.CO, where I consumed two donuts and an iced hazelnut latte. My head is now swimming from the overload of sugar and caffeine. I hope I will be able to fall asleep in an hour.

Check out the donut list on the J.CO webpage, where they try to make donuts sound like health food. For example, the "Why Nut":
Here is a donut with a special topping combination: American Peanut Butter and premium white chocolate topping, containing anti-oxidant to avoid you of cancer and heart attack.
While I didn't try it, I was somewhat tempted by the "Mona Pisa" donut, described thusly:
Get stunned by its beauty of rosy cheese and chicken sausage. Let her smile overwhelms [sic] your appetite.
Have I mentioned the high rate of diabetes in Indonesia?

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