Saturday, September 13, 2008

Matt Damon as Matt Damon: Political Analyst

Recently, Matt Damon spoke out against Sarah Palin.

Perhaps my favorite part is where he says something like, "I need to know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. She's gonna have the nuclear codes, so I need to know if she thinks that."

Look at the comments about the video on YouTube, and then compare them to the comments on MSN. This little exercise provokes some interesting thoughts about the types of readers who visit different sources.

I do agree with some of the comments. For example, what qualifies Damon to discuss politics? How much can he know about the "average" American? However, I don't think that his status as an actor completely invalidates his ideas.

A final question: Does our knowledge of the source where the information is provided (in this case, YouTube or MSN) affect our viewing of the video?


Steve said...

I would have entitled this post, "Matt Damon's fucking (sick of) Sarah Palin."

I think most of what Damon says is spot-on. And, fuck it, I give actors opinions more validity. Six months out of the year all Matt Damon has to do is jerk off, eat beef jerky, stare out the windows of his billion dollar estate, and maybe catch some CNN.

Kurd said...

It is possible that truer words have never been said. He does have a lot of time to think. Sort of like me. Except I currently make zero dollars a day.