Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soccer sayings

I've been watching a lot of soccer this month and last. I've never been a huge fan, but I was unemployed and the people around me were watching it. Being who I am, I therefore fell in with everyone else.

Over here in Ireland, the commentators for the World Cup are fantastic. I wish I had kept a running list of some of their quotes, which run from brilliant to just strange to incomprehensible. Here are some of the ones I do remember:
  • "His shot is a little off. He didn't plant his foot, and he didn't believe in himself."
  • "That pass was an audacious flip."
  • "They've been making too many cynical fouls."
I wish I could remember more, but my brain got Guinessed last night, and I can barely think today. Luckily, other people out there in the wonderful internetical webisphere have compiled quotes from one of the commentators, George Hamilton (not the sun-baked actor, unfortunately).

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